Get the right posture
in 21 different positions


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A Geometrical Design to Find the Perfect Curves

Since ancient times, geometric forms have accompanied humankind throughout everyday life. 21 Pillow features carefully designed inclinations and curvatures, and a geometrical shape which respects the physiological curves of your back, to give you the right spinal support in any position

21 Pillow is composed of 2 parts: a triangle which is recommended for mid-to-lower back support (lumbar area), and a wedge, ideal for supporting the cervical or neck area when used in bed, and the lumbar area while seated. 

Up to 21 different curves

We designed 21 Pillow to give you the most versatile comfort possible when at home and while working, resting or lounging around.

When combined, these two geometric shapes are the best suited for adapting to your body positions throughout the day. 


Also, you can split it into 2 separate pillows, thanks to the discrete and easy-to-use fastening system equipped with an invisible zipper, so you can use them joined together,  detached, or even individually. 

Plus, by combining two 21 Pillows, you can find comfort and relief in even the most creative and awkward positions. 

With this pillow, you can try out 21 different curves, all custom fit to  how and where you relax.

Details and Materials

21 Pillow is made with organic cotton and Spirasil polyester, a durable fabric designed using new technology that is guaranteed to hold its original shape, even under repeated stress.

To clean, simply machine wash the removable pillowcase, to ensure a hygienic and comfortable experience.


The Latest Project by Funded in Italy

Coming soon on Kickstarter

Funded in Italy is a boutique design studio launched in 2018 by BANALE, an Italian travel accessories brand with 7 successful crowdfunding campaigns. 

The mission of Funded in Italy is to develop forward-thinking concepts for objects of daily use, with a focus on innovation and the search for new materials, designs and shapes.  

This is our second Kickstarter campaign. For MIO Pillow, our first, we focused on improving sleep quality; now we have designed a new pillow that promises to enhance your well-being during every moment of your daily life, simply by adapting to the physiological curves of your back.

Super early bird price 30% OFF

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