Get the right posture
in 10 different positions


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Geometrical design for finding the perfect curves


Since ancient times, geometries have accompanied humankind throughout their everyday life. Decapillow features carefully-studied inclinations and curvatures, and  a geometrical shape which respects the physiological posture of the back, to give you the right spinal support in any position

A single product can be configured into up to 10 different positions, and its ergonomic design means you’ll finally be saying goodbye to back pain.


Up to 10 different curves

Decapillow helps you find the perfect shape for your back, thanks to its geometrical design that follows the natural inclinations and curves of your spine, so you can find just the right physiological position

You can test 10 different curves, depending on how and where you relax: 

  • bed mode: up to 6 curves
  • chair mode: 1 curve
  • sofa mode: up to 3 curves

Whether you’re sitting at your desk, resting on the couch, or reading a book in bed, Decapillow is only the “10 in one” pillow that always offers the right comfort for your back. 


Details and Materials

Decapillow is made in Italy, with high quality materials, such as organic cotton and Spirasil polyester. The softness and resistance of the fiber ensures excellent support and maximum comfort. The pillowcase is made of organic cotton, so it can easily be machine washed at home. 

Thanks to the durable premium materials, the original shape is guaranteed to last.  


A new project by Funded in Italy

Coming soon on Kickstarter

Funded in Italy is a boutique design studio launched in 2018 by BANALE, an Italian travel accessories brand with 7 successful crowdfunding campaigns. 

The mission of Funded in Italy is to  develop forward-thinking concepts for objects of daily use, with a focus on innovation and the search for new materials, designs and shapes.  

Our upcoming project is called Decapillow, a special pillow that  offers a whole new standard of comfort, capable of providing day-by-day improvement in the quality of your rest.  Thanks to the ergonomic design, Decapillow adapts to the physiological posture of your back, for consistently high level well-being. 

Super early bird price 30% OFF

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