Benefit from proper posture in 21 positions

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One pillow, multiple configurations

With 21 Pillow, you can finally find your sweet spot in up to 21 different positions – improving your relaxation and work performance  – while giving your chair, bed and sofa new powers.

How? It’s easy! Thanks to the clever design, it can easily adapt to any surface and any contour of your body, so that you and 21 Pillow can merge comfortably together.

It’s made with a triangle and a wedge, which can be configured so you can find comfort and well-being in up to 21 different positions.

21 positions: a how to

You can use 21 Pillow in multiple configurations, depending on the comfort your back requires:

  •  triangle and wedge connected – ideal to support the entire back 
  •  triangle and wedge as single cushions – perfect for supporting targeted area of the back
  •  extra combos – suggested for prolonged resting moments

Details and Materials

21 Pillow is made with high quality materials, premium fabric and wrinkle-free Spiralsoft polyester that is guaranteed to hold its original shape. It is also super-breathable and hypoallergenic.

The Latest Project by Funded in Italy

Funded in Italy is a boutique design studio launched in 2018 by BANALE, an Italian travel accessories brand with 7 successful crowdfunding campaigns. 

The mission of Funded in Italy is to develop forward-thinking concepts for objects of daily use, with a focus on innovation and the search for new materials, designs and shapes. 

This is our second Kickstarter campaign. After the success of MIO Pillow, our first, with 2k cushion delivered, we are ready to run the production of 21 Pillow. We want to provide a new home comfort experience and unparalleled well-being for every moment of your daily life. Once again, we will succeed, thanks to the support of the Kickstarter community.


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